1995/1996 – “Outfield Goalkeeper” home shirt – Beeney 13

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The Shirt

Manufacturer: Asics

Sponsor: Thistle Hotels

Season worn: 1995/1996

Competitions: Premier League, FA Cup

Player shirt features: Player size Premier League patches, large stitched numbers, player specification lettering

During the 1995/1996 season Premier League sides could name, and use, 3 substitutes. This meant that, in an emergency, a substitute goalkeeper could be brought on as an outfield player. This rare, one-off, shirt was issued to goalkeeper Mark Beeney.

Premier League 1995/1996

Games played: 38 (won 12, drawn 7, lost 19)

Finished: 13th

The Player

Name: Mark Beeney

Leeds career: 1993 – 1999

Games: 42

Signed from: Brighton & Hove Albion (£350,000)

Left for: Doncaster Rovers (free)